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Understanding the Impact of Comprehensive Data Security

White Paper Published By: Infinidat EMEA
Infinidat EMEA
Published:  May 14, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  5 pages

2017 and 2018 were not easy years to be a CIO or CISO, and 2019 isnít showing any signs of being easier. With so many career-ending-level data breaches in 2017 (e.g., Equifax, Uber, Yahoo, to name a few) and with the stronger regulatory requirements worldwide, CIOs/CISOs have a corporate responsibility to rethink their approach to data security. Regulatory compliance aside, companies have a responsibility to their customers and shareholders to protect data, and minimize its exposure not only to external attackers but also to employees. The most common method of data breach in 2017 was a phishing email sent to a companyís internal employees (See 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report), This makes employees unwillingly complicit in the data breach. Over 80% of successful cyberattacks have a critical human element that enabled them. The average employee who opens the innocent-looking attachment or link, is unintentionally jeopardizing a companyís data. While there is no 100% protection, there are common sense rules to decrease the attack surface of any company.

A corporation that treats its data as the source of its business advantage, and understands how sensitive it is to its customers, should minimize the attack surface. Why are All-Flash-Arrays (AFAs) in the way of this?

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